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The On-Demand CFO for Your Startup

Run the Numbers handles all your startups' financial and accounting needs on-demand, leaving you free to concentrate on becoming the next all-conquering tech giant 🚀

Why Run the Numbers?

Run the Numbers CFO on-demand service provides your startup with all the specialised accountancy and financial modelling it needs, when it needs it. This saves you the cost and stress of hiring a full-time Finance Director/CFO/Chief Bean Counter 👌🎉💰

Tailored to startups, we can help with everything you need as your business grows from seed investment to series A or B funding.

“Tracey from Run the Numbers is an angel...I don’t have a head for numbers at all and the fact I could get cash flow and revenue projections modelled when we needed them for investors was a God send”

Martin Ollivere - Interim CEO, Reflection

How it Works

It's simple, you get dedicated access to a London-based, CPA qualified accountant (Finance Director or CFO level) to use on-demand, as and when your startup needs them.

On-demand CFO pricing is designed specifically for startups to give you maximum flexibility. Drop us a line to discuss your needs.

What Can Run the Numbers Do For You?

Financial Modelling

Essential Operational Tasks

“As soon as I got Run the Numbers on board it felt like a weight had been lifted. They handle anything finance related for us and it totally de-stresses me”

Ken Tran - Director, MMD

Want an On-Demand CFO to Run Your Numbers?

Drop us a line on the email below and let's chat about how Run the Numbers can help get your startup's figures looking healthy! 💪